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Part One
Introducing JOSEPH & JAMES – a label developed for the refined and resolute. Established in Melbourne, JOSEPH & JAMES exhibits clean silhouettes and unique design elements, with each item embodying the tenacious but equable state of mind.
Part One
Part ONE
Part One is a distilled collection of custom yarn-dyed fabrics, curated textures and understated detailing. It unifies a palette of deep navies and rich greens with complimenting neutral shades and an accent of golden yellow.
Elevated Details
With tailoring being the quintessential expression of refinement, the Collection brings a subtle overlap between the sartorial discipline and streetwear. It incorporates quality fabrics, pocket designs and details more often synonymous with suiting.
Part One: Sounds
Guided by the ambition to craft distinct yet timeless, functional pieces, each design feature is attentively considered to work cohesively within the collection, as well as seamlessly speak to your own wardrobe.
The notion that fewer words offer the greatest profit.
The essence of refining demands a level of composed and steady persistence, resolute in the end goal. It’s not the loudest or fastest but the skilfully articulated ideas that leave the lasting impressions.
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